Week 31

Baby: Your baby measures about 18 inches long from head to toe and weighs about 3.5 pounds. Rather than hearing vibrations, baby’s nerve endings in his ears are connected now so that he can hear distinct sounds, like familiar voices and music.

Mom-to-be: Your uterus now fills a large part of your abdomen, and you’ve probably gained between 21 and 27 pounds. You’re probably feeling increasing excitement and anxiousness about the birth — it won’t be long now.


Well, to start with, I love how they say ” your uterus now fills a large part of your abdomen,” as if it didn’t two weeks ago.  Heck, my abdomen’s been full for about two months now, hence the giant protrusion that is my belly.  I would venture to call it a second abdomen at this point, as I am at least twice as wide around as I was before.  I’m even starting to bump into things – I misjudge how close I am to the sink, or I try to sneak behind my husband in the hallway and find I can’t fit past him.  I can still tie my shoes, by shaving my legs has become more hazardous as my capacity for the forward bend is at the level of a 13 year old boy who just hit his growth spurt and is being mercilessly subjected to the Presidential Fitness v-sit reach.  I’m not yet tipping forward, but that can’t be too far off.

And the doctor’s opinion?

I’m up another 3 lbs, which is right on track (yes, I am patting myself on the back right now, thank you very much).  My uterus is the right size to just a tad under normal, which at my stature is a good thing (the doc says we are shooting for a 6 pound-er, and I am totally on board).  The gall bladder problem is indeed my gall bladder, and there’s nothing to do about it, but the good news is that my case is mild compared to others the doc has seen.  The dizziness is hypoglycemia, like we thought, so now I’m to keep a snack on my bedside table for 4 AM noshing… not exactly an a-okay for cupcakes but probably as close as I’m going to get, so it’s time to stock up on more chocolate milk.

Overall, a good check up.  The next one’s in three weeks, then two weeks, and then weekly until the small one decides to make an appearance.  That means we are getting close!  (finally)


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