Eggs for Breakfast

So the dizzy spells kept up most of last week, culminating on Friday with my having to sit down halfway through my walk to work, which then lead to my trying to lay down at work (awkward when you’re in a cube and not an office) until I decided that it was time to head home (a whooping 35 minutes after my having arrived).  My neighbor was so kind as to pick me up and then feed me scrambled eggs and goat cheese to hasten my recovery.  I love my neighbor.

And it turns out the neighbor was right (she usually is) – the nurse who called me back said I need to make sure I have protein and lots of it every morning and that I drink at least a gallon of water a day.  It looks like my granola and fruit breakfast just isn’t enough to maintain my blood sugar so it’s eggs eggs eggs for me.  And this weekend the husband was quite obliging – serving me scrambled eggs in bed on Saturday and soft boiled eggs on Sunday.

Today I opted for yogart, but at 10 grams of protein per cup and distinctly less dishes involved in making a smoothie vs. an omlet (not to mention time), it seemed like a reasonable gamble this morning (and so far I’m still upright).  Why can’t I come down with something that requires me to eat more muffins or pasta?  Is there such a thing as a high protein danish?


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