Week 28

Baby: Your baby measures about 10 inches from crown to rump, or a total length of about 15.75 inches from head to toe, and weighs about 2.4 pounds. Brain waves show rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which means your baby may be dreaming. Eyelids are opening. Branches of lungs are developing, so there’s a good chance that baby would survive if born prematurely now.

Mom-to-be: Your uterus extends well above your navel. As baby gets bigger and stronger this month, you may be experiencing leg cramps and mild swelling of ankles and feet, difficulty sleeping, shortness of breath, lower abdominal achiness, clumsiness or scattered Braxton Hicks contractions (hardening and relaxing of the uterus, like rehearsals for labor). You may also be urinating more frequently again as the uterus continues to push on your bladder.

and not so little me?

Yeah, the frequent urination never actually went away, but it is a bit ridicules these days.  During the relatively quick task of making plum and peach cobbler, I had to run to the rest room four times.  No wonder I’m not drinking enough water – it’s like being punished for good behavior. 

Speaking of not drinking enough water, I had another dizzy spell this weekend.  We attempted to go to church and by the time the sermon was over, I was gripping the pew and praying not for my salvation but for my not falling over in the middle of the hymn.  We exited before communion and I plopped down on the front steps with my head indelicately hung between my knees until I recovered.  When we got home, I drank some lemonade and proceeded to nap on the couch for three hours.  Not a real big fan of this whole light-headed thing, but the new strategy is to always be armed with a sugary beverage so we’ll see how that goes. 

Otherwise, I do get winded more easily but the ankles remain recognizable and the leg cramps have not returned.  I haven’t had any braxton hicks yet.  Overall I’m tired but not exhausted, uncomfortable but not miserable, big but not huge (everyone keeps insisting I’m still so tiny but my doctor and I beg to differ on that one – I think mothers can only remember the misery of that last month, hence their misperception of my size).

And the small one?  He likes to kick.  A lot.  So far they aren’t so strong they hurt, but watching my belly is comical these days. 

And my husband?  He’s ready to be a dad already.  I’m ready to not be pregnant anymore, but I feel like we need every minute as we haven’t begun to prepare, but he’d rather just get started.  And that’s why I’m the planner and he’d the do-er in the family.


5 Responses to “Week 28”

  1. Brobny Says:

    So, 28 weeks? Are you on maternity leave yet?

  2. mamabear Says:

    Not even close – I have 12 weeks until my due date and I’m trying to hold out on taking time until I’m in actual labor (although ask me again in 10 weeks and it’s very likely I’ll be singing a different tune along the lines of “get me the hell out of here”).

  3. Brobny Says:

    Whoa, when did you move out of 462?

  4. Brobny Says:

    nevermind: bit slow today

  5. Sandy (Momisodes) Says:

    Oh yes, the frequent pee. That part is no fun. I’m so sorry you’re having dizzy spells. A sugary drink or a light snack is great to carry with you. Hope you’re having a lovely week. 🙂

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