Not the best morning

So last night I didn’t sleep so well – my back hurt and my hips decided they needed to chime in as well, lest the lower back earn all the proverbial grease.  And then, around 6 AM I started to feel nauseous, in that dehydrated sort of way (despite my having drank at least two liters of water yesterday), but upon attempting to hug my toilet I was struck down by a wave a dizziness that left me laying on the floor in a sprawl usually reserved for drunk college freshmen or the attendees of a particularly eventful bachelorette party. 

I proceeded to call for my husband, who I sent downstairs to fetch me a sweet beverage to up my blood sugar and he called back to report that we had nothing in the house – no lemonade, no oj, no emergency stash of ginger ale for the hung over, nothing.  “Just mix some sugar in a glass of water,” I replied, at which point the dog jumped off the bed to make sure I was alive.  After sniffing my face, he seemed satisfied that I wasn’t dead but not completely confident that his masseuse would be up to her job so he laid beside me as a precaution.  I love my dog.  Then my dear husband arrived with a glass of makeshift lemonade he squeezed in the dark from the random lemons we had in the house, finding my request for sugar water to be too desperate to possibly take as a direct order.  I love my husband.  It did the trick and five minutes later I was able to crawl back to bed.

Needless to say, I didn’t roll into work until around 10 AM this morning.  I am really starting to be over this whole pregnant thing.


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