What’s in a name?

So I’ve probably mentioned this before, but we have a name and we’re not telling anyone. 

Actually, we have names for the first boy and the first two girls (not that we’re necessarily having more than two, but I digress) and have pretty much had these nailed down since before we were even engaged – yes, I realize that is completely weird. 

So why aren’t we telling?  Well, reason number one is that we’ve be advised not to by friends who’ve recently had children.  It seems people tend to have “opinions” about a name for an unborn child that they would never express once the legal papers were signed and the little fellow has officially arrived.  And while the names for the girls are decidedly old fashion, the name for the boy is a bit, well, let’s just say I’d never heard of it as a name before my husband mentioned it.  So needless to say, out choice would definitely be questioned.

The other big reason – all the names we’ve picked are family names, the problem being that neither the first girl name or the first boy name include anything from my mother-in-law’s side of the tree.  I can’t help it if her family is full of Miltons and Kings and that she already used all the normal names for her own children, but I can guarantee that she won’t see it that way and would spend the next three months campaigning on behalf of her lineage.  Let’s just say she already seems to have enough things to call me about without adding this one to the list of reasons why her son failed to marry a reasonable woman. 

So we’ve been telling people that we aren’t telling anyone based on superstition and that seems to end the prodding.  That being said, while at my husband’s family reunion, I had the opportunity to meet the one cousin of his who is also named after the same relative that the small one will be.  He’s a great guy, and upon hearing that we were having a boy, he promptly said “Have you considered [insert THE name here] as a name?” and proceeded to wait on us in a playful attempt to sway us to the wonder that is his name, much to our entertainment.  He then spent the rest of the week referring to my belly as little [insert THE name here].  I can’t wait to send him the birth announcement.


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