All next week I am beach-bound.  It’s the husband’s family reunion so I’ll be tanning besides 120 of his closest relatives (not even exaggerating a little on the numbers).  Expect stories of all the creative ways I manage to play the pregnancy card to get out of everything from doing dishes to mandatory family fun time (aka sitting around a fire while the coors light loaded sing along to a guitar – actually a lot more fun than I’m making it sound, but then again last time I was numbered among those imbibing and I don’t know that I could handle a group of North Carolinians singing Dixie into the wee hours of the morning while stone cold sober).  We may even get a chance to tell the widdow of the man after whom we’re naming the small one of our intentions – she’ll be the only one in the family who knows. 

I bought a maternity swim suit so the great aunt and uncles won’t need to scoff at how unseemly it is for a woman in my state to bare her belly.  (Of course, I’m also bringing the string bikini for those beach times when I won’t be seated next to anyone over sixty – what can I say, the whole “fat looks better tan” adage totally applies to pregnant bellies, too!  Thank you Whole Foods for organic, wtaer resistent  SPF 30.)  Speaking of packing, it has never been easier!  Since I only own about a suitcase worth of clothing that fits these days, I simply emptied that drawer into my carry-on and tah-dah!  If there’s an upside to only owning 5 shirts and two pairs of pants, I’ve just discovered it. 

And my reading material for the week?  Let’s call it eclectic – the new David Sedaris book and a copy of Babywise.  And maybe I’ll finally pick up Moby Dick.  Maybe.  Is it just me, or is beach reading just not the same without a new Harry Potter to devour?  I miss the boy wizard.

Have a great week without me.


One Response to “vacation”

  1. Mama Marathon Says:

    Babywise?! Noooooooo! You need Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.
    /unsolicited advice off

    Enjoy your vacation!

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