Mothers vs. Mothers-in-Law 1.0

Now both have their problems, especially when it comes to pregnancy, but I’ve noticed some clear and yet entirely predictable patterns emerging:

Today my mother called me at work and it went something like this: “I am so sorry to bother you at work, and this is completely not an emergency, but do you have a minute?  I’m at Anne Taylor and they have maternity clothes on sale and I wanted to see if I should pick you up a button down shirt.  Okay, I’ll let you go.”  Granted, with two very elderly grandparents, my mother pretty much prefaces every call with “don’t worry, everybody’s okay, I just called to chat” these days, but she almost never calls me during business hours and when she does she is always sure to check that I’m free before continuing.

Last week my mother-in-law left me a message during work hours which I mentioned in a previous post: “I don’t know why you never pick up the phone, this is an emergency and I need to talk to you right away.  I need to know if you need to borrow sheets for your trip to the beach next week.  You know, it’s very rude when you don’t return my phone calls and I can’t call [insert husband’s name here] because he’s busy with work and just so tired.”  Yeah, that’s right – I may earn 70% of our income and be entering my third trimester but I’m neither busy at work nor tired.  And don’t even get me started on her concept of an emergency.  When I did call her back, I was trapped on the phone for about 30 minutes despite my having explained that unlike my last job, I’m not in a private office anymore and I can’t really talk freely about whether or not my husband likes the new pillow she sent him.  Call your own child!

This will only get more comical once the small one makes an appearance.  I can just hear it now.  My mom: how have you been sleeping?  and how’s the baby?  Mom-in-law: How has [insert husband’s name] been sleeping?  You know he needs to go to work so I hope you and the baby aren’t keeping him up.



2 Responses to “Mothers vs. Mothers-in-Law 1.0”

  1. Jen on the Edge Says:

    And this is exactly why my MIL is never given my office or cell numbers. And, also why we got Caller ID on our home phone. 🙂

  2. Olly Says:

    Nothing like random advice from the internet, but avoidance is probably not the best approach. Tell her to stop it. Or better yet, email her a link to this entry with the subject line “THIS MEANS YOU”.

    What’s she gonna do, cut you out of her will? Never speak to you again?

    Once you have established your limits, she’ll either get over it, or not. Either way, you’ll be better off. 🙂

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