Not today, folks

I can’t decide if it’s just being at work on a Friday in the summer one weekbefore heading to the beach, feeling tired in that pregnant way for the first time since trimester No. 1, the nasty (as usual) voicemail from my mother-in-law who’s idea of urgent call-me-back-right-away is seeing if we need to borrow any sheets for said beach vacation and why don’t I call her back this is very important blah blah blah, a wipeboard full of to do’s that all need to get done ASAP, my parent’s being en route to my house as we speak, my stressed out husband whose idea of small business management is to not pay himself while working double shifts and incessantly complain about money, or the hormones, but I would stay clear of me today unless you are offering a cupcake or a quiet place to nap. 

And I say all of that not because I feel stressed out, but because I’m very liable to tell you exactly how I feel about whatever it is you are bothering me about, and that can’t be good.  Especially if you are my mother-in-law.  Maybe I’ll call her back tomorrow.  Maybe.

(I repeat my mantra to you singletons – date orphans)


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