Work it, girl

So sometimes I take advantage of my pregnant state – nothing too major yet (okay, my husband might disagree, but I’m talking about dealings with strangers here, not the man who did the knocking up).  I thought I should keep a running list:

1. Crossing the street:  If I just can’t bring myself to scamper or the light changes when I’m not completely across, I’ll place a hand atop my belly and deliberately sway a little bit while taking my time getting to the sidewalk.  Yes, I am a bad person, but it’s not like I’m jumping out in front of oncoming traffic, usually. 

2. Getting people to hold doors for me:  Same hand on the belly action as mentioned above, usually emphasized by my carrying too many bags.  As long as I’m not the only one leaving a building, I don’t think I’ve opened a door for myself in a month (and elevators are constantly being held for me).  Totally an unnecessary perk, but I kinda like it – hurray for chivalry. 

That’s about it for now, but I’m sure to find more upside as I swell further.


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