Are we viable?

So according to some pregnancy due date calculator out in cyberspace that I played around with back in February, the small one is officially viable this week.  What does that mean?  Well, here’s a little tidbit on fetus survival rates I lifted from a article:

Probability of survival increases for babies born later in pregnancy: 25 percent in the 23rd week, 42 percent in the 24th week, 57 percent in 25th week. By the 30th week, when a newborn doesn’t require a ventilator to breathe, it has a 90 percent chance of survival. And only after the 30th week do the risks of long-term brain damage begin to substantially subside.

So it sounds like viability per my calculator was based off the more standard Roe v. Wadeinterpretation that puts life legally beginning between the 24th and 28th week.  Now I say this as someone who is entirely pro-choice, but it’s weird to think that up until two weeks ago, I could have had an abortion (most clinics stop offering them at 22 weeks, although the court decision insists that viability must be determined by a doctor on a case by case basis).  I don’t want to get political here and I won’t (I took enough bioethics in college to never need to rehash the great abortion debate ever again), but it is amazing how much of a difference it makes that I am excited about the small one, that I want this baby, and therefore how I view it’s “personhood” at a point when, even if it did survive birth, the small one would in no way resemble the baby that exists in my mind’s eye right now, regardless of what’s currently in my belly.

So, all talk of abortion aside, isn’t it bizarre to think that if I went into labor tomorrow, the small one has any chance at all of surviving, let alone 42%?  And if that’s true, why does it feel like I still have an eternity of pregnancy ahead of me?  (Not that I’m complaining about the extra prep time…)


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