A “Time Out” How-To

This one comes from Slate.com, and as I haven’t actually had to punish a child yet, I find myself devouring articles like this.  Family Feuds – How to Make “Timeouts” Less Like Bar Fights was a nice starting point for someone like me who hasn’t thought about one since I was 6 and sitting in the corner. 

Did anyone else have the “the kid isn’t even born yet but let’s talk about punishment methods” conversation?  My husband came from the spare the rod spoil the child school of rearing, and has picked more than his share of switches from the backyard.  He also moved out of his parent’s house at the age of 16, spent a summer on Dead Tour, and “rebelled” to such an extent it seems comical now (especially as he won’t leave the house in anything but a button down shirt these days, and has been known to attempt to play sports in them, albeit unsuccessfully).  For me, spanking was always on the table, but I don’t think I was actually hit more than 5 times total.  And outside of a few rough patches between the ages of 13 and 15, I was pretty much the easiest child to raise ever (okay, so I was mouthy – no shock there, but I always did my homework and never even came close to being arrested unlike some people I may or may not be married to).

All that is to say we both want to use the method we were subjected to (all claims about his parent’s efficacy don’t seem to penetrate), so I am slowly gathering evidence for my argument which I will deploy at a later date (one that probably involves crayon art on a wall).  In the meanwhile, happy reading!


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