A clarification

So I don’t usually get enough comments to respond, but someone out there in cyberland made a great point, so I thought I’d offer up a clarification.

 Ever since your blog started appearing on Waldo’s Cville blogs aggregator I have been occasionally glancing at your entries. While well enough written, they are uniformly unpleasant to read. Your tone is vain, your knowledge is ankle-deep, and your pretentiousness is apparently the actual main subject. Perhaps articles which don’t solely celebrate you, your appearance, and what people may or may not think about you would be welcome? This is harsh criticism, yes. Doesn’t make it less true.

I completely hear ya.

You’re right.

But the thing is, this is a blog about me being pregnant, so it’s going to continue to be self-involved (and I imagine it will only get bitchier the fatter I get). Which brings up a good point (and maybe this post will become the About This Blog section in the near future)… why the F should you care?

You shouldn’t. But if you find it moderately amusing to read about my floundering about (or, if you happen to know who I am and are reading this to keep tabs on my sanity before being so foolish as to actually contact me lest the hormone monster attack you in all her glory), read on.   If you actually want advice on, well, anything let alone pregnancy, I would definitely go elsewhere.

Why did I start writing this in the first place?  Well, I think being pregnant is a pretty odd, and largely gross experience, and I got sick to death of reading blogs that gush about “the life growing within” and I simply could not relate to the women who were so endlessly jovial about being knocked up.  I’m just too filled with self doubt and enjoy a good bitch session too much to possibly want to be in a chatroom with these folks. 

No, I wanted to hear from the bloated, hormone-addled crazy ladies out there who find it cathartic to complain about the shit storm nature has thrown at us preggos (were leg cramps really necessary?).  So I thought I would capture my own bitter ruminations on what can only be described as a diseased state that ends when you meet your parasite and (hopefully) become completely whipped by it’s utter existence. That’s what I want to read about, but I picked up a book by Dan Savage of Savage Love fame when I wanted to read a “realistic” portrayal of parenthood, so I grant that I may be on my own on this one.  Then again, The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy is a best seller, so I might not be all wrong.

That being said, I’m happy to have my blog removed from Waldo’s Cville Blog list, as it really is just all about me, all the time (and not even remotely related to Charlottesville, despite it’s being my beloved little hamlet). Feel free to let your voice be heard on this one. And Waldo, if you’re out there, I completely yield to your opinion of what is and is not blog listing worthy, I will not be offended.


2 Responses to “A clarification”

  1. waldoj Says:

    Heck no, I don’t want to remove your blog. (I mean, obviously, if you want me to, I will.) What I like about the aggregator is that it’s a slice of Charlottesville. Every day I read opinions that I disagree with, writing that’s demonstrably lousy, and utterly faulty logic. But I’m also exposed to viewpoints that I would never otherwise witness, aspects of life that I’ve never experienced, brilliant photography and moving accounts of living and loving in Charlottesville.

    If somebody doesn’t like your blog, they shouldn’t read it. Your blog does precisely what you wanted it to do, and it does it well. Pregnancy is weird, it is often gross, and it seems like a really alien experience. It’s nine months of being totally self-centered (with the really odd element of being simultaneously selfless, stacked like Russian dolls), and if your blog didn’t represent that, it would be both inaccurate and dishonest.

    You’ve got fans; I’m one. Keep it up. 🙂

  2. Sean Tubbs Says:

    I find it funny the person said “It doesn’t make it any less true” as if they’re the supreme arbiter of what people should think and say and write and do.

    The great thing about Waldo’s aggregator is that it lets us easily know who else is out there in this little town where we live. It makes me feel a little less lonely. And, it’s also nice that in this day and age people can write things, and they can find an audience, be it complete strangers or people you just don’t know very well yet.

    Trolls are the unfortunate downside of this little Internet thing.

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