Dessert for two?

Some bad eating habits I’ve picked up while pregnant:

  • In addition to my nightly glass of chocolate milk, which I added during the first trimester as a treat for drinking so much freakin’ milk all day long, I’ve added a daily ice cream sandwich to the evening routine.
  • At lunch, when I stop by my husband’s restaurant, I always manage to leave with a chocolate chip cookie in hand. It is usually devoured before I get back to the office.
  • Speaking of lunch, I can’t remember the last time I had one that didn’t in some way, shape or form involve cheese.
  • If I’m feeling stressed or if I’ve just accomplished something and feel deserving of a reward, I get a vanilla milkshake. Granted, I don’t get the large, but this is still at least 16 oz. of ice cream and whole milk (and in this instance, it’s not even organic milk, unlike my evening chocolate milk and ice cream sandwich – thank you Whole Foods).
  • I now keep Horizon mozzarella string cheese in the fridge for a snack at all times. (Whereas I used to not snack at all or pick at raw almonds.) So far I have resisted bringing them to work, but I don’t know how long I’ll be able to hold out.

I think this may be the reason I’ve put on 2 pounds in one week instead of the recommended half pound. I have become a dairy eating machine.

I used to be so good at eating healthy without ever actually dieting (not that I’m trying to lose weight at this point – I’d just prefer this pregnancy have as little excess baggage as possible). I think the ice cream and cookies may need to go. That was so much easier to do back when I could have a beer. Or a bourbon. Mmmmm, bourbon.


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