I *heart* prenatal yoga

I love my prenatal yoga class. Okay, what I really love is my prenatal yoga instructor. She is amazing. She is so completely intent on helping everyone in the room, and is endlessly empathetic towards all of us griping about our weird aches and pains. The class is challenging (and this is coming from the girl who did hot yoga for fun 5 days a week), but I never feel like I need to worry about whether or not what I’m doing is safe for the small one. She makes it super easy to turn things up or down depending on how you’re feeling (and she’s fantastically specific about saying things like “if you feel this in the outside of your ankles right now, go up a few inches” to make sure none of us naively push ourselves too far). AND she is so conscious about doing poses that not only keep us in shape and *hopefully* help us with labor, but also postures that relieve the discomfort of having something kicking you under the rib cage, not to mention poses that get babies facing in the right direction once folks turn the 35 week corner. It really is like physical therapy for pregnant ladies. I would go every day if the gym offered it.

Did I mention she’s funny, too?

(I could also gush about my prenatal swim instructor, but I have to skip that this week so I’l sing her praises next week.)

(I wonder if all this instructor love is because it’s so nice to be around someone non-pregnant who is totally sympathetic but not in that “yeah, I survived that” “been there, done that” way current moms sometimes come off. It’s like my mild rage when someone says “you think you’re tired now – wait ‘til the baby gets here.” Yeah, I know. No sleep. Ever. At all. But that doesn’t make right now suck any less, thank you very much for sharing. I know, they mean well, blah blah blah, but it all feels a bit like being in high school when all the adults in your life keep talking about “when you get to college…” if you catch my drift.)


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