Feeling a bit frumpy

So yesterday I had one of those days where I was not exactly lovin’ on my physical appearance. My hair just wouldn’t fall right (sure, for you thin haired ladies, the lack of shedding during pregnancy results in a thick, beautiful head of hair for the first time ever – for me, it’s like having a mane), my clothes wouldn’t lay right (maternity clothes seem too frumpy, regular clothes don’t really fit at all), and my skin still had enough acne to leave me looking awkward. And despite having a decent tan (or maybe because of it), I looked all washed out. Okay, let’s be honest – I was dressed in khakis (maternity no less) and a brown polo shirt, wore sensible Earth sandals (i.e. flat), my hair was a disaster and I had on no make-up.

I looked like a mom.

Needless to say, today I actually blow dried my hair, am wearing a probably too low cut to be work appropriate but fairly fashionable black J. Crew sleeveless empire waist sweater, (maternity) jeans and black wedge-healed sandals. I even put on some lip gloss.

I will not go gentle into that good night.


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