I bought a designer baby bag

I know, you thought I was better then that.  You thought I was grounded enough to get a practical baby bag, as it’s only going to get filled with poopy diapers and stray Cheerio’s.  You thought I was just hipster enough to refuse to don something so completely identifiable.  And yet. 

I bought a Kate Spade diaper bag.  I know.  Now, my saving grace is that it was crazy on sale ($127 vs. $350 – yes, I know $127 is a lot but my husband drinks that value of wine a week, easy, so I don’t feel so bad, from a financial perspective at least).  Of course, I only got it so crazy on sale because, gulp, I am on her mailing list from having made past purchases (the pumps I’ve never worn but still love to death – tan patent leather is just so wonderful).  And I bought another bag in the process (although this one was only $62 which is totally reasonable for me for a purse). 

I think my shopping bug has grown to a Kafka-sized cockroach in light of my not being able to buy clothing (maternity clothes so don’t count as I hate them all) – or at least that’s what I keep telling myself until the bag shows up and then I can re-rationalize my purchase.


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