No bananas?!?

I’m one of those lazy people who tend to let the Most Emailed Articles widget on the New York Times website decide my procrastination reading for me, and today an op-ed on bananas made the list. 

Now, as someone who likes to think of herself as a localvore, to use the rather cheesey but now universally popular terminology, I must admit that I love bananas.  Sure, I try to be good and only buy either the organic ones or Earth brands ones from Whole Foods, to help minimize the environmental impact of the growing process, but these delicious fruit are still being shipped from crazy far away (especially when you consider that I avoid produce from California as much as possible).  Add to that the op-ed’s factoids about the political history behind banana production and an impending banana blight (not to mention the fact that we are being denied potentially tastier varieties due to shipping and growing needs – hey, I am a foodie first and foremost), and now I feel kinda bad about what I consider a mandatory addition to my morning breakfast of either smoothie (1 cup plain low fat yogurt, 1 banana, 1 cup frozen blueberries) or cereal (local, Mennonite-made granola, whole milk that was raw and local pre-pregnancy and is now merely grass-fed and organic, a sliced up banana and berries if any are in season locally).

Am I going to stop buying bananas?  No, I’m probably not.  But I will feel guilty about it, and isn’t that exactly what a good little liberal who is unwilling to make any real sacrifices of her own supposed to do?  Maybe? 


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