Week 21

Baby: Your baby measures about 7.2 inches from crown to rump and weighs about 10.5 ounces. The fetus is steadily gaining fat to keep warm. Growth rate is slowing down but organ systems, like digestion, are continuing to mature. A waxy film, called the vernix caseosa, is being produced by your baby’s oil glands and covers the skin to keep it supple in the amniotic fluid. Buds for permanent teeth are beginning to form.

Mom-to-be: Friends, relatives, even strangers can probably tell you’re pregnant by now. Your uterus is starting to extend above your navel. You’ve probably gained between 10 and 14 pounds by now.

where do I stand?

Baby: As if I haven’t mentioned it enough, the baby is definitely kicking at this point.  Otherwise, the only news from yesterday’s doctor’s appointment is that the heartbeat continues to sounda-okay. 

Me: So far the total weight gain is 8 pounds.  The doc says I should gain about a half pound a week for the next ten weeks or so.  Otherwise I got a clean bill of health – my uterus is where it should be (yup, they measure that stuff, but it just involves pressing on my belly so don’t get too queasy), my weight is fine, and that about covers things. 

And yes, strangers now notice I’m pregnant.  It’s kinda fun at the moment, because the belly isn’t yet at reach out and touch me big, so the whole invasive strangers grouping my abdomen thing hasn’t happened yet.  Instead I had a shopper keeper fuse over how cutely pregnant I am (i.e. still tiny), and the security guard I walk by every day and wave to calls me mama every morning. 


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