Was that the baby?

I think I feel the baby moving. And I think it’s making me nauseous – not as in “oh my god, I am so overwhelmed” nauseous but genuine I need a ginger ale queasy. Honestly, it feels like gas bubbles but simultaneously like something is nudging me from the inside (albeit gently). It’s a bit awkward, really, as I’m now only paying attention to my stomach to determine if this morning’s granola is really the cause.

All I know for sure is that I really need a nap right now. It’s day number 3 of weird dreams that won’t let me sleep (or at least not soundly). Last night’s episode involved my needing to catch a plane at 4 AM, but my not being able to find the phone number I’d need to call to get my flight changed, so I’m stuck in this limbo of kinda needing to get up but being totally uncommitted to the idea of catching this flight (and also being pretty sure I already missed the plane), all while waking up and having to tell myself that I’m in my own bed and there is no flight to catch so just go back to sleep already. I’m sure some analyst could have a field day picking apart how the plane symbolizes some anxiety I have blah blah blah but I don’t really care as long as I get to bed early tonight.

Maybe if I weren’t so tired I’d find this moment more exciting. Right now it’s more like when you are so hungry that, upon finally sitting down to dinner, you have no appetite, so you are left both unsatisfied and unsatisfiable. Eh.


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