Off to see my mother

As I now find myself with a fabulous amount of time on my hands, I’m hopping a train up to NJ this afternoon to visit my parents for a long weekend.  I haven’t seen them since Christmas, which means I haven’t seen them since I’ve been pregnant, so I anticipate there will be much fusing to be had (some of which is great, as it will surely result in my not washing a single dish for four days, some of which will be a bit more trying, as I can only imagine the number of articles my mother has collected over the past few weeks about various things I should and should not do for the remaining 5+ months).

Right now the plan is to hang out with my parents and brother on Saturday, see the extended family for Mother’s Day on Sunday, and attempt to register for baby what-not with mom on Monday.  I’ll be sure to report back on my inevitable successes and failures, as I expect this to be an amusing and bizarre trip.

Other than seeing my family, I am also completely thrilled that this surprise trip north will let me sample some of the awesome treats that are my mom’s gift this year.  As of today, a box of chocolate truffles, chocolate clusters and delicious brownies should be arriving from my favorite sweet spot in NYC, Chocolate Bar.  I plan to dive into a brownie and tall glass of milk the minute I walk in the door tonight (okay, so more like the minute after I run to the bathroom upon entering the house).

Happy Mother’s Day.

Anyone wanna take bets on how many times I’ll here some version of “it will be you this time next year” on Sunday?


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