I did not sign up for this

I imagine there will be several posts like this in the coming months, and I caveat that I am only being this brutally honest because 90% of the crap written about pregnancy is so lovey-dovey, life-is-wonderful, earth mother happiness that I feel like there needs to be a counter balance.  What I am about to write is something that I am completely mortified about, and yet I am for some unknown reason sharing it with the internet at large.  I am a moron.

So what happened, you asked.  I peed myself.

Yup, I was walking home after a very filling lunch (egg salad sandwich, large lemonade, vanilla milkshake) and a pleasant wander downtown.  I was within a mere 500 feet from my house when I coughed and then it happened.  A small but distinctly uncontrollable trickle of urine escaped from my previously camel-like bladder.  Small spots could be seen on the outside of my pants (but only for about a minute because it is pretty warm out – evaporation rules).  I am now home, have emptied my bladder fully and changed my pants, and all I can think is I AM ONLY 15 WEEKS ALONG – THIS WILL NOT DO!

I guess it’s times to look up kegel exercies on the internet and hopefully never need to speak of this again.  Thank god no one was near me!


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