I feel full…

… all the time.  As in, I’m hungry, but I always feel like I’m already halfway through the entree before I start my appetizer.  As in, I quite literally just got up from the toilet two minutes ago and I already feel like I could go again (I don’t bother, because it isn’t worth the effort to rehitch my pants for a mere dribble that doesn’t bring any relief anyway).  The upside is that I don’t feel completely full, as in stuffed or ready to explode.  I’m just always conscience of the fact that my guts feel rather crowded, which quite frankly they are.

Unfortunately, I suspect (and have been told) that this feeling will only get worse as the pregnancy continues.  Ugh.  Not ugh as in complete and total defeat ugh but more like wait, really?  That kinda ugh.

As I put it to my husband this afternoon, it’s not so much that I’m tired, but that I know I’m not going to get a good night’s rest for 18 plus years that’s the hard part.  This pregnancy business is hard work.


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