A macabre thought for week 13

So I have no scientific or even anecdotal evidence of what I am about to claim as fact, but I feel like the turning point in any unplanned pregnancy is when you have the discussion of what either partner anticipates they’d feel/do if there was a miscarriage, especially once the initial shock of actually being pregnant wears off. My husband and I had the talk a week or two ago.

I honestly don’t remember who brought it up, although I do think he did, as he was the first to respond. And his answer? That he’d want to try again as soon as possible.

Wow. I’m not going to lie – this made my hormone-flooded heart flutter. I suppose everyone whose expecting has a latent fear that their partner isn’t as excited or into it as they are (which later becomes as scared/panicked, but I digress). To know that my husband was not only totally okay with our having a baby, but was now so sold on the idea that he’d be disappointed if this pregnancy didn’t work out was the most comforting thing he possibly could have said. And yes, I am a big sap (although I’m not crying at commercials – yet). And no, I don’t think that’s why he said it. In fact, he even bought the small one a onesie, and an organic cotton one at that. Did I mention I have the best husband ever?

What did I say, you ask? That I agreed with him, albeit in a more practical, less romantic way (I might want to take two or three months to get healthy and organized – all the things that I first freaked out about when I found out I was pregnant, not to mention recover mentally from the loss).

So I guess, no matter what happens, we are now more than just accidental members of the breeder classes – we’re voluntary recruits who happened to show up the bus stop a bit earlier than planned.


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