The Great Plastic Paranoia

Per a recent segment on the Today Show about the dangers of plastic water bottles and news that the Canadian Government is expected to declare as toxic bisphenol-a, or B.P.A., a commonly used chemical in everything from iPods to Nalgene bottles, what’s a pregnant gal to do?

Let’s start with the big one, plastic drink containers. I’m okay at home, as the bottled water we frequent is packaged in 1 L glass bottles (but it gets shipped from Italy so I’m not exactly winning any World’s Greatest Environmentalist award). Once I’m outside my house it’s a completely different story. I drink plastic bottled water at take out restaurants and in my car. At work, the very water I’m pouring into an empty plastic bottle comes in those big plastic jugs that I can never lift high enough to replace so I end up heading to a different floor to quench thirst rather than taking my turn as the responsible co-worker. I can switch to a stainless steel bottle but I still won’t be 100% in the clear.

Plus, there’s all the other stuff I drink (and drink a lot now that beer and wine are out of the question): cranberry juice, orange juice, vitamin water, etc. I can definitely switch to brands that come in glass containers, but when I’m out I’m not about to ask the bartender who is already kind enough to make me a spritzer the number of the plastic bottle used for the juice container.

The whole situation feels like living in a polluted city – you can limit your exposure, but there is no way to avoid BPA shy of making all my own food, packing it in glass containers and carrying my own water supply everywhere. And that’s just not going to happen.

So what am I going to do? Well, I’ll probably buy that stainless steel bottle I mentioned earlier (aside: why does every solution always necessitate a purchase?). And switch from the Whole Foods brand cranberry juice to the (even more) crazy expensive 100% pure cranberry juice that comes in glass bottles. And go with my original plan to buy glass baby bottles (they have cools ones with silicon grip covers so they don’t break if you drop them). And not freak out about this anymore than I have to.

After all, I have every intention of finishing the plastic bottle of Ocean Spray I purchased at the office cafeteria this morning, but only after I devour my chocolate chocolate chip cookie. Not all my needs are for my own good. Some are for my own mental well being.


2 Responses to “The Great Plastic Paranoia”

  1. Lys Says:

    Here’s a link to an articel along these lines (but actually focused on cancer vs. birth defects) from

  2. Lys Says:

    Here’s another one, this time from The Washington Post.

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