Musical Due Dates

Okay, so I think this will be the last time our due date moves. According to our OB, we are due October 27th (one day before our second anniversary).

Otherwise yesterday’s appointment was largely uneventful. The husband squirmed like a child while we waited a half hour to be seen, spouting comments like “we do have an appointment, don’t we?” and “those people totally came in after us” and “they should get those buzzer/blinkie things like they have at chain restaurants” and “I’m going to say something to the doctor if we ever get in there.” I was able to laugh off most of them while sternly insisting he keep his trap shut, being this doctor has my comfort (or should I say discomfort) entirely in his hands come “go time.” Of course, it turns out four women went in to labor at pretty much the exact same time, so the delay was more than understandable.

Now to pat myself on the back a little – I only gained one pound! This is pretty damn amazing as I’ve now made 2% chocolate milk a part of my daily routine and I haven’t really been exercising beyond walking the dog at night because it’s been so miserable and rainy outside. I don’t mean to sound vain, as yes, preggos are supposed to swell up like balloons, but my doctor is one of those sticklers who only wants me to gain 20-25 lbs despite every maternity book and magazine giving 25-35 lbs as the usual healthy range. That and I’m not really supposed to gain any weight the first trimester, so I am very happy with my single pound (even though I really think it’s just the lack of alcohol that’s driving it and not my being particularly diligent about counting calories – thank god for my dad’s genes).

The one other bit of excitement is that we were able to hear the heartbeat on the Doppler stethoscope, so the small one is still doing his thing. Doc said all my blood work is good, and then headed back to the hospital. So the half hour wait was for less than 10 minutes of face time. Oh well, all that matters is that he seemed pretty confident that everything is going smoothly.

Random aside – I settled up today for the whole paying for the doctor thing and it was quite reasonable. The OB’s fees are $2900 assuming no major complications, so after insurance that works out to be $550 for the whole nine months. It’s odd to think that we’ve spent that much on dinner before (granted, it was at the chef’s table at Citronelle). And while it was connected to a health savings account, it’s even weirder to have just put my child on a Visa card.


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