Stuff I’ve Given Up – 1st Trimester

1. Cold Cuts (i.e. turkey wraps, ham sandwiches, Italian hoagies). Why? Listeria = no problem for everyone but pregnant ladies and unborn fetuses. If I heat the meats up past 165 degrees I’m in the clear, but that sort of defeats the whole convenience factor of packing a sandwich for lunch, not to mention makes it a totally different food. This becomes a real pain as my husband owns a restaurant that’s menu consists of 1/3 sandwiches, not to mention our mutual obsession with prosciutto.

2. Alcohol (wine, beer, bourbon, oh god don’t even mention sherry). Why? Beyond the public scorn, this one’s a no-brainer. So far I don’t miss it, but ask me when the weather warms and BBQ season is in full swing. Oh, and did I mention I’m an owner of a wine purchasing club?

3. Bikram Yoga (aka hot yoga). Why? Preggos tend to overheat and apparently bad things happen to DNA at over 102 degrees, so not hot tubs, saunas or heating pads allowed, either. (Confession – I haven’t been in a while but I had planned to start back up upon taking the new job. It looks like I’ll have to settle for prenatal yoga.)

4. Manicures/Pedicures. Why? Unless you go to a well ventilated place (read: really expensive spa), the fumes are possibly/probably bad for the baby (some studies show heavy exposure can effect genital-related abnormalities in male children). That being said, I am going to fork over the $55 for a pedicure once the warm weather hits.

5. Raw Milk (as in unpasteurized). I know, who actually drinks this stuff – well I did, and I even own a herd share to be able to do so legally in Virginia. It took us two years to get a source for local, grass fed, naturally raised cow milk and now I’m back to Natural by Nature in a carton. Why? Again, listeria. Most folks say E. coli is the big fear here, but it doesn’t pass though the placenta so while it’s no good if I’m puking, at least the fetus doesn’t get infected (unlike stupid listeria, grumble grumble).

6. Sleeping on my back. This is mostly for practice so I am used to it by the time I’m huge, but I miss sleeping like I’ve just finished yoga class. Why? Sleeping on your back puts excess pressure on your inferior vena cava (it’s a major vein).

7. Sushi (only the raw fish variety). I’ve been avoiding tuna for years for the mercury, but I would kill for a salmon and avocado roll right now.  Why?  No uncooked meats allowed for fear of bacteria.

8. Microwave. Okay, I don’t even have one in my house, but this is how I’d heat up lunch most days at work. Why? Although the studies are inconclusive in terms of looking at birth outcomes, lab results have shown that fetal tissue is susceptible to microwaves. So now when I do need to use one I hit Start and run around the corner until I hear the beep.


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